International conference

  • 6 . Femtosecond spectroscopy and ultrafast dynamics and in spincrossover cobalt pervskites

    Member Y. Okimoto

    Conference DAE-BRNS Theme meeting on ultrafast science 2016 (UFS-2016)

    Venue Mumbai, India

    Date November 25, 2016

    Style Invited

  • 7 . Ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy of polar perovskite cobalt oxide

    Member Y. Okimoto

    Conference EMN meeting on ultrafast research

    Venue Melbourne, Aus.

    Date October 12, 2016

    Style Invited

  • 8 . PHOTO-INDUCED DYNAMICS OF Pt(dmit)2 SALTS“Molecular movie”

    Member T. Ishikawa, S. Hayes, S. Keskin, G. Corthey, M. Hada, K. Pichugin, A. Marx, K. Shionuma, S. Koshihara, M. Nomura, R.Kato, and R.J. D. Miller

    Conference The 15th International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets

    Venue Sendai, Japan

    Date September 4-8, 2016

    Style Poster

  • 9 . Search for photo-induced phase transition with ultrafast response based on electronic-structural coupled probes

    Member S. Koshihara

    Conference International Research School: Electronic States and Phases Induced by Electric or Optical Impacts IMPACT 2016

    Venue Cargese, France

    Date 2016年8月27日

    Style 招待講演

  • 10 . Spatio-temporal observation of photogenerated electron dynamics in twisted graphene

    Member K. Fukumoto, M. Boutchich, H. Arezki, K. Sakurai, K. Onda, and S. Koshihara

    Conference The 4th Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium AES2016 

    Venue Malaga, Spain

    Date July 26-28, 2016

    Style Invited