International conference

  • 1 . The Optical Study of Photoinduced Structural change in the Spin-crossover Hybrid System

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    発表者 T. Ishikawa,T. Okazaki,D. Nishida,Y. Sudo,Y. Okimoto,S. Koshihara,M. Hada,A. Miyawaki,K. Takahashi

    会議名 Sixth Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics

    開催場所 Banff center, Canada

    発表年月 9-13, Feb, 2019

    発表形式 Poster

  • 2 . Ultrafast photo-control of Charge-Structure-Spin Coupled Order in Strongly Correlated Quantum Matters -For the Future of Ultrafast Quantum Technology

    Member S. Koshihara

    Conference International Conference on Advancement in Science & Technology (ICAST-2018)

    Venue Santiniketan, West Bengal, INDIA

    Date September 3-4, 2018

    Style Invited

  • 3 . Photoinduced phenomena of the spin-crossover molecular hybrid system

    Member Tadahiko Ishikawa, T. Okazaki and S. Koshihara, K. Takahashi

    Conference Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials, Gordon Research Conference, ~Emergent Materials and Phenomena as Foundation for Future Molecule-Based Devices~

    Venue Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, USA

    Date August 12-17, 2018

    Style Poster

  • 4 . Ultrafast Photo-Control of Ferroelectric Cocrystals

    Member Y. Okimoto

    Conference 12th Japan-Korea conference on ferroelectrics (JKC-FE12)

    Venue Nara, Japan

    Date August 5-8, 2018

    Style Invited

  • 5 . Observation of the photoinduced structural dynamics in molecular crystals with Structure-Charge-Spin coupling

    Member Tadahiko Ishikawa, Ken Onda, Yoichi Okimoto, Shin-ya Koshihara, Reizo Kato, and Reiji Kumai

    Conference the 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC2018)

    Venue Sendai International Conference Center in Sendai

    Date July 30-August 4, 2018

    Style Oral